Spring trail week

19-04-2020 - 26-04-2020
The Spring trail week is a week for both experienced and starting coach runners who want to prepare for the upcoming trail season or just want to experience a fun week in the mountains with fellow coach runners. We will still partly walk on snow and winter trails, but we will also discover the first spring flowers. The distances that are run vary between 10 and 30 km. There is also room for other activities this week, such as cycling, walking, swimming or just reading a book
This trail week is for experienced and starting coach runners. An extra loop is made on almost all routes or an abbreviation is devised if someone wants to walk a little shorter or longer. However, the program is structured in such a way that anyone who can run a half marathon in the Netherlands within 2 hours should also be able to easily complete everything here. Our goal is to offer a fun week for all participants, where effort is alternated with relaxation. It is not about the kilometers, but about the experience of our beautiful nature. Everyone must be able to find their challenge on beautiful single trails, varying from sloping to extremely steep.
DateProgrammTotal DistanceElevationDurationDetails
1: Sunday 19-04-2020Getting there10 km50001:00:00
Arrival to Flums, arrival late afternoon. After a greeting and a drink, we set off immediately. Just stretch your legs during a short lap of about 10 km. We visit the little chapel of St. Georgen, go along the Bertschen waterfall and walk a little part of the Jubileumsweg
2: Monday 20-04-2020Lüsis - Sennis20 km120003:00:00

From Flums we go for a run along Kurhaus Lüsis to Kurhaus Sennis and back down from there. The route has both simple, relatively flat parts as well as extremely steep parts. We willl run over good accessible paths

3: Tuesday 21-04-2020Rest day

Today is a day of rest, so we don't have a running program, but of course you can still jog, cycle, walk, etc.

4: Wednesday 22-04-2020Liechtenstein - Fürstensteig + 3 Schwestern28 km200003:00:00

Today we are going to Liechtenstein for one of the most beautiful routes in the area, namely the Fürstensteig. We will extend this route with the 3 Schwestern. Because these are reasonably high, however, it is not yet certain whether they are passable, so we may have to run something alternative.

5: Thursday 23-04-2020Along lake Walen20 km80003:00:00

We take the train to Ziegelbrücke. From there we start with a relatively flat trip to Weesen and then go along the entire Walensee, where the necessary altimeters have to be made anyway

Eventually we arrive at Walenstadt, where the train / bus can be taken back to Flums, or we run all the way back to Flums (relatively flat).

6: Friday 24-04-2020Alviers / Gonzen15 km200004:00:00
Today we are going up the Alviers. We will make extremely much altimeters in a very short route. Namely 2000 altimeters in 7km
7: Saturday 25-04-20207 Gipfel - 14 Seeen20 km150003:00:00
The classic tour over 7 peaks in the Flumserberg area. Depending on the conditions / any snow residues, these can all be included in one round, otherwise something alternative will be run.
8: Sunday 26-04-2020Back home

Unfortunately the last day again. Time to pack up and go home with nice new memories, experiences and a few new trail friends. For those who really feel like it, it is even possible to run a little round:) < /p>

The price of this trip is CHF 595.

Included in this trip:

  • 7 nights
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Full program with guidance
  • Use of towels, bed linen, WiFi and parking


  • Possible costs for mountain railways
  • Lunch
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Transport to Flums and on the spot

Spring Inn

Our home base is Spring Inn, address: Felsenstrasse 10, 8890, Flums. Pictures, facilities and further information about our B&B can be found at www.spring-inn.ch

We will be in the immediate vicinity of Flums, Flumserberg and the opposite Churfirsten


We will have to use our own vehicles. Possibly some of you will fly, others will drive. Of course it would be nice if we are carpooling as much as possible.

On location it is also nice to have several vehicles available so that we can move around easily

The packing list below can be used as a suggestion for the most important things, don't forget to bring your best mood, good walking legs, a few sun rays and your favorite hug:)

  • Running shoes
  • Trail backpack including minimum (2l) water bag
  • Head lamp
  • Trail poles
  • Sunscreen
  • Gloves
  • Crampons optional (may be useful for snow residues)
  • A good supply of your preferred energy bars and gels
  • Optional racing bike, shoes and clothing
  • Swimwear (towel not required)
  • Toiletry bag
  • Swiss francs, bank card, credit card
  • Telephone and charging cables, possibly with external battery
  • Casual wear
  • Rainwear
  • Possibly an extra pair of walking shoes

Emergency numbers and insurance

1414 REGA. In Switzerland you can rely on the mountain rescue service: the REGA. They will save you at all times, but whether the costs must be paid by you depends on your insurance. The mountain rescue campaign will also be free of charge if you have a membership with REGA. It is therefore advisable to take out an insurance policy with the KBF when hiking in Switzerland or to become a member of the REGA (CHF 30).

112/144: European / Swiss emergency number. In fact, it doesn't matter if you need the police (117), fire brigade (118), or ambulance (144), it is all processed by the same center. Call this number for which it is intended: only in emergency!

+41 (0) 767980413. My phonenumber. You can call me at any time, I would also like to be informed about a possible incident if I am not there, so that I can provide support. Of course it is possible that there is no network available at different places in the mountains.

Unfortunately this trip has been canceled due to a lack of participants or bad weather conditions. However, please Contact me for any questions.

Details of this trip

Spring trail week

Type: trailrun
Date: 19-04-2020 - 26-04-2020
Price: CHF 595,- | € 557,-
Participants 10
Program in short
  • 1: Getting there - 10 km - 500 hm
  • 2: Lüsis - Sennis - 20 km - 1200 hm
  • 3: Rest day
  • 4: Liechtenstein - Fürstensteig + 3 Schwestern - 28 km - 2000 hm
  • 5: Along lake Walen - 20 km - 800 hm
  • 6: Alviers / Gonzen - 15 km - 2000 hm
  • 7: 7 Gipfel - 14 Seeen - 20 km - 1500 hm
  • 8: Back home
Total Distance 113 km | 8000 hm

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