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There is always another mountain behind the one you just climbed

Our Bed & Breakfast is located in the plain called the Seez valley, in the Sarganserland between the Walensee and the Rhine valley. Yes, a plain! And therefore an excellent starting point for mountain tours on foot, ski, bicycle and snowshoe and easily accessible. While it is still winter high up on the mountain, spring begins early in the valley. For us it is completely normal to run one day, go cross-country skiing the next day, then go skiing and then go cycling again.

I would like to do nothing else than to take you to the most beautiful and challenging parts of the Sardona tectonic area, Flumserberg and the Churfirsten.
All trips that are offered are based on a stay at Spring Inn with a group of 5 to 10 people, including breakfast and dinner. The content of each trip is diverse, from novice runners to experienced ultra's and cycling short day trips to monster tours. It is usually possible to participate in a part of the trip. Please contact us, or let us know in the comments on the booking form, so we will be able to send you a proposal for that period.

Our trailrunning trips and multi-sport trips

Corona update : unfortunately we had to cancel our spring cycling week and spring trail week. From June we hope to be able to offer all trips again. Solo trails will be offered, which can be ran at any time from mid-May..


Trail weekend

Would you want to run, cycle, walk or just have a nice sporty (long) weekend in the mountains. Then you can use our weekend offer. You get a stay in our B&B including breakfast and dinner. We offer you a large number of routes that you can run individually or together, in accordance with your training schedule. We also have many tips and interesting routes for cyclists and walkers. Look for examples of our routes and travel below


Multiple days running

If you have more time and you would like to train in our area for a midweek or full week, or if you want to prepare for a competition, we can guide you. We provide breakfast and dinner during your stay. In addition, I will guide you on different trails and I can offer you a good training plan based on your own training schedule. The costs are around CHF 100 per day per person, with longer stays and with more people I can of course offer you a lower price. Please contact us.


Travel package

Do you fancy a good week of training together with others in which you get a program full of the most beautiful trails, good variation of altimeters, distance and terrain. Then you can sign up for one of our trips as described below. These trips are worked out in detail and include accommodation, breakfast and dinner.

Our trailrunning trips and multi-sport trips

Spring cycling week cancelled

Spring cycling week

10-05-2020 17-05-2020

The Spring cycling week is a great cycling week, in which we cycle not only the large passes, but especially the small beautiful roads in our area. Designed for all avid cyclists who want to go into the mountains early in the season. Ideal as preparation for the tours and granfondos in summer. We make small to medium-sized tours with alternating mild and steep climbing, distances of 50 to a maximum of 150 km.

7 Hills - Swiss Edition

7 Hills - Swiss Edition

01-06-2020 01-11-2020

The Churfirsten is a mountain range of 7 peaks between Toggenburg and the Walensee, where the mountain slope runs almost straight into the lake. These 7 mountain peaks can be walked one after the other in a mountain trip of 50km with 4500 altimeters. You can do this tour together or Solo and will be included in the 7 Hills classification. This race can be run between June 1 and November 1

Multinational trailweek

Multinational trailweek

06-07-2020 12-07-2020

During the multinational trail week we will run in 3 countries: Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. We are going to discover where the most beautiful trails and views are. The distances vary between 15 and 30 kilometers.

Heidiland Trailweek

Heidiland Trailweek

01-08-2020 08-08-2020

The Heidiland Trail Week is a week full of the most beautiful routes in the Heidiland area. We will make beautiful tours on Flumserberg and Pizol. We visit the Murgseeen and discover the beautiful mountains of the sardonic area. We also climb one or more peaks of the Churfirsten on the border with Toggenburg.


Travel package

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in the offer, or would you like to make a trip in a different period than in the offer, you can!
In that case, please contact us and we will find a suitable program together.

Spring Inn team

Please join me on a run to get to know me

Maarten Hendriks

I am a B&B owner, fanatic athlete and family man. I started as a fanatic marathon runner and cyclist, but after moving to Switzerland in 2013, mountaineering, skiing and cross-country skiing were added to my daily routine. In the mountains I am in my element, I can’t get enough of conquering the heights and enjoying the beautiful views. Yet I still think it's great to cover a considerable distance over flat terrain. It's all about the journey, the experience, the enjoyment of sports between and in the mountains. In 2017 I started our Bed and Breakfast and use our home as a base for guiding you into our mountains..

Maarten Hendriks
Maartje Vandewall

Maartje Vandewall

I work as a pediatrician at Kinderartztpraxis Landquart. I also like to walk, ski, cycle and run in the mountains in between work and in the weekends. Because we still have young children, occasionally we have to throw throw a coin in who will be able to get out, although we often resolve this with: When you run to the location, I will cycle back..


We collaborate with the following partners on a number of our trips

Trailrunning Europe

De trailrunning community heeft veel initiatieven voor haar leden en volgers, waar trailrunning centraal staat. Samen met verschillende nationale en internationale partners delen ze kennis en bieden sportieve exclusieve activiteiten. Ontstaan vanuit de passie voor de sport trailrunning en ondertussen een groot netwerk van organisaties die betrokken zijn met de sport Trailrunning worden trailrunning events aangeboden. Tevens worden met partners trailrunning reizen aangeboden en verschillende concepten uitgevoerd zoals start 2 ultra.


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Spring Inn

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